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Twitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge by author Don M. Winn

Twitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge by author Don M. Winn, is a valuable learning tool for young children.  As a Cardboard Box Adventure book, it is written in a manner that helps parents and teachers utilize the lessons taught in the story to initiate conversations with children surrounding the value of the story.

In Twitch the Squirrel, the story revolves around Twitch, a young squirrel who loves to run, play, and take risks.  He is very daring and is not afraid of anything.  Although his parents have warned him not to, he decides to use an off-limits rope bridge to cross a ravine.  When the rope bridge breaks, Twitch’s father must come to the rescue, and Twitch learns why following the rules set by his parents is important.

An excellent learning and teaching tool, Twitch the Squirrel also provides a list of questions at the end of the book designed specifically for parents and teachers to ask young children.  Discussing the value of rules, why parents make them, and why they must follow them, even if they don’t always understand them, the questions are certain to spark plenty of conversation between children and adults.

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